Projected Construction Timeline*

This page will be updated as we get more information regarding the SW Gas pipeline trench.

Presently, it is anticipated that services will be available at Summit Estates, Pinion & Lamoille neighborhoods, and along Idaho, Silver Street, and 12th Street in March – May 2021. This will require CC Communications to construct a backhaul route from Mountain City Hwy to around 12th street and Lamoille Hwy. Thereafter, a joint trench with SW Gas will proceed down Lamoille Hwy. This construction will be the fiber backbone from which we will build into various residential and business locations.

Progress to Date

Summit Estates: February/March. Conduit has been placed with the exception of some drops from the streets to residences. Boxes are being placed. Fiber needs to be blown into the conduit and Network Interface Devices / Optical Network Terminals need to be placed at residences. Components delayed. Lamoille HWY: February/March. Conduit is in place. Boxes need to be placed and fiber needs to be blown into conduit.

12th Street: February/March. Most Conduit has been placed. Fiber needs to be blown into conduit.

Silver Street: February/March. Most conduit has been placed. Fiber needs to be blown into conduit. Equipment shelter is on site. Components for terminating and cross connecting fiber are delayed.

Mountain City HWY: Conduit in place, fiber needs to be blown into conduit. Components delayed to connect fiber to Internet backhaul.

June 2020Design, Engineering, and Permitting
Phase I goes to bid
August 2020Construction starts
February/March 2021Summit Estates Installs Begin:
Elko Vista Drive
Lori Lane
Kimberly Lane
Elko Summit Drive
Ellens Way
Murdock Way
Blue Summit Drive
Andy’s Way
March/April 2021Pinion & Lamoille:
Stitzel Road
Rosewood Way
Cherrywood Way
Primrose Lane
Larkspur Street
Harvest Lane
Oakwood Drive
Columbine Lane
Glenmoore Drive
Liberty Drive
Next Up:
Clarkson Drive
Village Parkway
Villa Drive
Stoneridge Drive
Castlewood Drive
Winchester Drive
Colt Drive
Sunrise Drive
Moon Drive
April/May 2021Spring Creek Association:
Tract 200
Tract 300
Tract 100
Tract 400
April/May 2021Apartment Complexes:
Rabbitbrush Run
Qual Run
The Villas at Riverside
Ruby Vista Apartments

*The projected construction timeline is based upon 3rd party representations and assumptions based thereon. Final Construction timeline and scope is subject to the sole discretion of CC Communications. Nothing contained herein is a guarantee of timeline or scope.